Did you realize that there are many different forms of arthritis? Each of them is different, with some being more of a wear and tear condition that affects the body and others involving the immune system. If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, you have what is known as an autoimmune disorder. Although it is not fully understood what causes this condition, it is the immune system malfunctioning in the body, resulting in a breakdown of the joint along with pain, inflammation and in many cases, crippling deformities.
Dr. Lavery may prescribe any number of different medications to help with the symptoms you are experiencing. One of those drugs that is only available with a prescription is ACTEMRA. This is a type of medication known as a disease modifying antiarrhythmic drug. It is typically prescribed when you have used other medications in the same classification and they have not worked to the extent that is necessary. It is also only prescribed if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis that is currently active.

It is important to discuss your current health with Dr. Lavery prior to the time that the medication is prescribed. This would include information about the current medications that you are taking, both for rheumatoid arthritis and any other health issues that you may have. Your medical history should also be discussed at that time. The more information that you provide your doctor, the more likely it is that a medication will be prescribed that will work well for you and the condition you're experiencing. It will also give the doctor an opportunity to discuss the possibility for side effects and what you can do to reduce that possibility as you take the medication.

Disease modifying antiarrhythmic drugs affect the immune system and reduce its ability to be fully active. As a result, you may experience a higher likelihood of infection as you are using this and other similar medications. Be sure that you discuss that possibility with the doctor and take appropriate precautions.