There are many health concerns that could cause your doctor to consider the possibility of using medication. One of the common reasons why people visit a doctor is because of pain and sometimes, it can be a very serious issue. That is the case with rheumatoid arthritis, a type of autoimmune disease that affects the joints in the body. It can lead to crippling deformities, severe pain and inflammation along with other symptoms. If you have visited Dr. Lavery about your problems with arthritis, he may suggest that you use of medication known as Plaquenil. This drug may help to make you more comfortable.
When Plaquenil is prescribed by many doctors, it is done for the purpose of treating malaria infections associated with mosquito bites. As is the case with many medications, however, it may be used for a number of other purposes as well. Sometimes, this drug may be used along with other drugs or more rarely, on its own, to treat autoimmune diseases. It can include the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, as well as lupus. This type of drug is a disease modifying antiarrhythmic drug and although it may be effective at helping with your symptoms, it is not fully known how it works.

Most people will take Plaquenil with milk or a little food in order to keep their stomach from getting upset. Although that may be the case, you should always talk to Dr. Lavery before taking the medication for any additional instructions that are necessary. This would also include how frequently you should use the drug and you should keep them up-to-date on any changes that have happened when you start using the medication. There may also be some interactions with other drugs, so Dr. Lavery should always know about other medications you are using.

Rheumatoid arthritis can have a severe impact on the human body and it can make it difficult to lead a normal life. By using Plaquenil according to your doctor's instructions, it can improve your quality of life and allow you to feel better at the same time.